Locksmith North Rocks

Locksmith North Rocks
North Rocks Locksmith NSW 2151

Locksmith North Rocks

Most of our customers when they see how quickly we can unlock the door or how quickly we can install the lock and change the lock often asked the question, Why did I not call Dr Lock sooner.

Dr Lock Locksmith North Rocks Now..


Locksmith North Rocks

24 Hour Locksmith North Rocks

Have you just arrived home in the middle of the night to find that you’ve left your keys inside? Be that as it may, It’s an awful feeling to know that you can’t get back into your home or unit in North Rocks. Dr lock locksmith in North Rocks is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service.

Locksmith North Rocks Westfield

Mobile Locksmith North Rocks

In other words, It is often hard to find local tradespeople; Google search will be bombarded with many locksmiths that claim to be right around the corner.

At this point, our locksmiths are located in Carlingford Oatlands and North Parramatta which is literally on the border of North rocks.
Our locksmiths are able to attend in a faster period of time. We are one of the few locksmiths truly local to North rocks

Locksmith near North Rocks

To be in the locksmith trade, is it just a short course at Case you can do?
The answer to this question is it is a four-year apprenticeship as well as a four-year Tafe course in mechanical engineering.

Locksmith North Rocks Westfield

In fact, once you have completed your four years it then takes many more years to gain practical experience to be able to provide an efficient and effective locksmith service.

The overall investment for a person to become a good locksmith is well over eight years.

It’s a large investment of time, to be a locksmith you also need to have a personal security license which is issued by the security industry registry and you can only obtain one of these you do not have a criminal record and you are a good member of the community.

North Rocks area Locksmith

Local North Rocks Locksmith

Calling a locksmith is often an unexpected experience. 90% of our customers who need our service had never planned to call a locksmith it’s always and unexpected.

Isn’t it good to know that you can find a local North rocks locksmith to come out and help you quickly and efficiently replace your keys or repair your locks?

North Rocks Locksmith

Local North Rocks Locksmith

When it comes to keys and locks price should not always be the determining factor. Although our North rocks locksmith service is competitively priced and often cheaper than most.

When it comes to your security it is worth investing the right amount of money to ensure you get the right amount of protection.

Locksmith In North Rocks

Buying a lock from your local hardware and getting your local handyman to install the lock, doesn’t guarantee that the locks fitted properly or that you have selected a locks with suitable strength for the application.

Only a locksmith can tell you whether or not the lock will provide you adequate security.

North Rocks Markets Locksmith

Local North Rocks Service

Together with additional licenses such as Masters Licenses and being part of locksmiths Association you are also required to be able to be in business and provide you a locksmith service.

In my opinion, not all locksmiths that advertise in the North Rocks area at the same credentials.

Furthermore, In Fact, Dr Lock has been in business for 20 years and has our customers are who keep us in business by referring a service to their friends and family.

We have thousands of happy customers and we look forward to providing our locksmith service to more residents in the North rocks area in the coming years.


Locksmith North Rocks Service NSW 2151

  • We come to you and open locks, not only … but also
  • We come to you and install locks in addition
  • Our Locksmiths can recode your locks to new keys
  • Setting your locks to a fresh key in addition
  • Dr Lock has the service of installing security keys
  • Locksmith service to install Security mailbox locks
  • We install Deadlocks and deadlatch lock
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • North Rocks Lock Shop 
  • And our Locksmith says YES to Eftpos
Locksmith North Rocks Security Keys

Locksmith North Rocks Security Keys


North Rocks Locksmith With Eftpos

North Rocks Locksmith With Eftpos






North Rocks Sydney NSW 2151

In conclusion, we do not have a North Rocks Locksmith shop. Dr Lock locksmiths know of no locksmith shop in North rocks.

There is a key cutting shop in North rocks Westfield, or Carlingford shopping center.

Dr Lock Locksmith North rocks are mobile and locksmith that will go to your location..
Keep in mind there is a call-out fee from mobile locksmiths.
Meanwhile, there are also Bunnings that cut keys at the same time.

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