Locksmith Pendle Hill

Locksmith Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is a growing area that is in close proximity to Parramatta where our Dr Lock locksmiths are located. Being so close to Pendle hill allows our locksmith service to provide a fast locksmith service when you need it most.

Pendle hill has been growing and growing in the past 10 years that our locksmiths have been working in Pendle hill, we have seen a number of new houses and town houses built in the area.

If you are moving into Pendle Hill to a freshly built house or just moving into a new house that your have bought, one of the first things you should do is, check your locking security. See that you have good locks on all the doors and that you have keys for your window locks as well. It’s much easier to install locks and get around the house when it is empty. Locks can still be installed even if you have already moved into your place in Pendle hill.

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You probably don’t know who has keys to your house, if the last tenant that lived in your place in Pendle hill has kept any of the keys or passed them on to friends to hold on to in the event of an emergency, or past real estate agents that could be holding a copy. This is why its important to have your locks changed to a fresh key that no other person has. Our Dr lock locksmiths can easily complete this service is a little as 15 minutes per lock? Recalibrating your locks to a new key is safe. Once the internal parts in your lock have been set to a completely new key, the old key can physically no longer work. New keys will give you peace of mind that no other person can access your new Pendle hill house or unit without your new key.

Emergency locksmith work is another services that Dr lock locksmith preform in the local area from Pendle hill to Parramatta. When you walk out the door and you forget to take your keys, you most likely will find your self locked out. When this happens the best thing to do is call a qualified locksmith such as Dr lock. We will send our nearest locksmith that we have on duty to come to your place and help you get the door unlocked.
Our Dr Lock staff is highly trained in unlocking doors without damage to the locks, as long as the lock is functional and it is possible.
The next time you lock yourself out of you house or unit, keep Dr Lock locksmiths in mind and we will get you back inside Fast. 24-hour locksmith service is available, but is charged at higher rate then normal business hours.

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Mailbox security has been a growing problem in the Pendle hill area, the problem of stolen mail in the Parramatta area has also been a constantly growing problem, and now we are receiving reports of the same problem in Pendle Hill. Our locksmiths have come up with a solution that will improve your mailbox security by installing a security mailbox lock, this type of lock is not expensive, intact its almost the same price as a normal mailbox lock, but provides you much higher security then the standard mailbox locks that are commonly used, and have been used for the past 20 years. Upgrade you mailbox lock and protect your mail today. Call Dr Lock locksmiths for more information on security locks.

Security locks and security keys are another service that Dr Lock can offer, if you are worried about thieves lock picking your locks, then our locksmith service can help. We have a range of security keys for your home or unit that can be installed to make your locks imposable to lock pick. Each of our locksmiths over the past 3 years have been told about reports of locks that are being opened by thieves that have picked the lock. By using unpick able locks, you will protect your belongings and your house in Pendle hill from unwanted surprises. Speak with our trained locksmiths about security keys, and how we can provide your security keys for your home or unit in the Pendle hill area, most of the time security keys are often only a little more expensive them normal keys, but provide a much higher level of security.

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