Locksmith Rosehill

Locksmith Rosehill

Locksmith Rosehill Service

Most local residents in Rosehill will tell you that there is no local shopping centre. There is no corner store. Because Rosehill is on the border of Parramatta only a 5 minutes walk away from Parramatta there is no need for local stores in Rosehill because Parramatta has everything.

Do When you need a locksmith in the Rosehill area, you will easily find one from Parramatta such as Dr lock. Dr Lock is one of the more active locksmith in the Rosehill and Parramatta area. Because our locksmiths location in Parramatta not just servicing the area. We can offer a fast and efficient locksmith service.

Over the years our locksmith have seen Rosehill grow and grow. Soon there is plans for more high rise building to be built in the Rosehill area. Dr Lock locksmiths are ready for the change. Rosehill is a very busy area and is mostly a commercial zone.

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24 Hour Locksmith in Rosehill area NSW

Over the past 10 years our locksmith have worked on many locks and vehicles in the Rosehill area.This list is just a few examples or what locksmith services Dr Lock can offer.

Locksmith Rosehill

Locksmith Rosehill

Open cars too –  We all lock our keys in the car at some point. Our Locksmiths can unlock your can and getting you back on the road fast.

We can have one of our locksmiths come to you in Rosehill and unlock your can.

There is always one person who attends an event in Rosehill and locks their keys in the car.


Rosehill Locksmith

Locksmith Rosehill NSW

Install Locks too-  We install residential and commercial locks in other words.We have been installing locks in Rosehill for well over 10 years.

Some of the building that we have installed locks in are no longer standing and new buildings are being built in their spot.

The rest of the locations that we have installed locks in are mainly commercial buildings.

Unlock Trucks too – Just like cars, it can happen to trucks and prime movers as well. Locking the keys inside or losing your keys for your Kenworth is something that our locksmiths can help you with. Removing a jammed King Pin lock or repairing a door lock. We have worked on a number of trucks over the years because of the large number of trucks the use the Rosehill area.

Locksmith Rose Hill

Locksmith Rose Hill

Jammed Locks fixed too- From time to time locks jam up and just stop working.

Dr Lock Rosehill locksmith service have been able to open a number of locks and get you back inside.We have even opened a jammed caravan lock when the expo was on show at Rosehill race cores.

Jammed deadlocks and handles locks are not a problem for out locksmiths.

Keys – Locks – Open cars & Trucks in Rosehill

Rosehill Locksmith NSW

Rosehill Locksmith NSW

Changing Keys too – When you move into a new place in Rosehill. Its recommended that you change your keys to a fresh key. A fresh key pattern that no other person has, such as the old tenant and old owners.

This will mean that you know who has your key and can prevent any unwanted visitors.

Do not Copy – Security keys are also available when changing your locks.


Rosehill Lock

Locksmith Rosehill Lock

Security keys also-  This type of key is a higher security key that will give your lock added protection. Security keys protect against lock picking and lock bumping. You will also have the protection of key control.

This means that you must have authority to the keys duplicated. Unlike normal keys that you can simply take to your local hardware shop to have duplicated. Security keys need to be authorised by the right person before they are duplicated.

This means that your staff is not able to get key copied without your knowledge.

Local Locksmith in Rosehill NSW 2142

 In addition our locksmith service has been in the Rosehill area for well over 10 years. We have helped many happy customers in that time.Dr Lock Rosehill service is looking forward to what the future will bring in terms of locks and people needing keys.

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Should you need locksmith, we hop Dr Lock will be your first point of call. Our locksmiths are friendly and very knowledgeable on lock and key.

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