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Rydalmere is next door from Parramatta and that’s where Dr Lock locksmith staff is located, When one of our locksmiths are requires in the Rydalmere area, we simply drive down Victoria Rd into Rydalmere, The drive is about 5 minutes or less on a normal day depending on the traffic at the time of call.

When you need a locksmith it wise to use a local locksmith, not only will you receive quicker service, but in the event that more parts are needed or locks need to be ordered, it’s much easier and faster to deal with a local locksmith.

Dr Lock is well known in Parramatta as well as Rydalmere for our fast service and also our 24-hour service that can repair and unlock your locks when you have mistakenly locked your self out or you find your lock unable to be locked in the middle of the night.

Not all locksmiths offer 24-hour service to the residents of Rydalmere, Dr Lock is one of the few company’s that dose. Save our number in your phone incase you ever need to find a locksmith late at night or out side business house in Rydalmere. Dr Lock is actually a local locksmith to the Rydalmere area, unlike other locksmiths that advertise as local to Rydalmere and area actually located up to 40 minutes drive away.

If you have just moved into Rydalmere one suggestion every locksmith will advise you on is changing your locks to suit a fresh key. This dose not mean you need to install new locks on every door of your house, in fact the locks you have now most likely will be sufficient, the key part of the lock should be changed. This is much cheaper then installing a new lock, and the current key will no longer work at all. If our locksmiths see a lock that is not secure or not suitable, then, they will recommend upgrading the lock to provide better security.

Installation of locks is another service Dr Lock locksmiths offer. Deadlocks and deadbolts are often not supplied with new buildings, its up to the new owner to install the deadlock at a later stage after the building ha been built, It wise to have this lock installed by a professional locksmith,
This lock will most likely be your best asset to keep thieves out of your place. Most even more the new deadlock will need to work reliably and will be the most used lock in the house, so it important the lock is fitted correctly by one of our Locksmiths. We provide warrant and after sales service should you have any questions about your new locks.

Often people buy locks from the local hardware to install themselves, DIY locksmithing is possible, but there are rules and regulations that must be followed depending on the building you live in, Most hardware shops are not aware of the regulations and will happily sell you any lock you feel you need, If you install the wrong lock that dose not comply with building regulations and fire regulations, you can be asked to remove the lock and have it replaced, often this can be more costly and repairs to the door will be needed. If you ask a professional locksmith such as Dr Lock to install your lock, you will get the lock installed correctly and also to suit the regulations.

Security keys are another part of the Dr Lock service that is offered. Security keys are keys that cannot be duplicated. For any business or retail shop its wise to upgrade your locks to security locks. The locking system itself will be higher in security; we offer different levels of security keys to suit your budget.

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You will also receive keys that are higher in security and resistant to lock picking and attacks. The most important thing about security keys is that the keys can not be duplicated, so if you give an employee a key , and they give that key back to you know no extra keys have been duplicated.

You cannot take a security key from Dr Lock to another locksmith, they will not have the unique key blank to duplicate the key, hardware shops and key cutters will also not the same shape of key. This gives you protection against duplication. More keys can easily be ordered threw Dr Lock if you are the authorised person.

Security letterbox locks is another unique service that Dr Lock locksmiths offer. With the increase of letters being stolen in the Parramatta and Rydalmere area, our locksmiths are able to install security locks on your letterbox for as little as $44 per letterbox. That’s a small price to pay to protect your privet and confidential information.

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Dr Lock locksmiths offers a wide range of locksmiths services for the residents in Rydalmere, should you need more information feel free to call us and our locksmiths can work out that security that best suits your needs.