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When you are looking for a locksmith in the South Granville area, you probably wont find any. Next door to South Granville is Parramatta the second city in Sydney. Dr Lock is located in Parramatta and can offer a fast locksmith service to the people of South Granville, because our locksmiths are only up the road and also biased in Parramatta, it’s a short drive into south Granville.

Our locksmith can offer a number of locksmith services that will help you with your lock and key requirements. Dr Lock locksmith service has been in the Parramatta area for well over 10 years. Dr Lock has been servicing South Granville for all of that time.

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Our reviews speak for themselves that our locksmith service is available when you need us the most, most of all our locksmiths are friendly and trusted buy the community. Dr Lock has a master license as well as a number of security licenses.

When you need a locksmith to come to you and assist you with your locks in South Granville, keep Dr Lock in mind, you can also keep our phone number in your phone if ever you need a locksmith in a hurry in or out of business hours. It can be quite hard to find a locksmith that works in South Granville that is available outside of normal business hours.

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Some of the locksmith services that Dr Lock can offer the residents of South Granville are listed below.

Open Locks – Have you locked your keys inside your home or unit and locked the door? If you have you are most likely locked out. The fastest way to get back inside is to call a locksmith from Dr lock, we will send a locksmith to you day or night and unlock the lock and get you back inside as soon as possible.

Change Locks – You do not have to go and buy new locks, just to have a new key. If you are moving into a new place you can have your locks reconfigured to suit a new key. This means that the inside parts in the lock will suit a new key and that the old keys will no longer work. This prevents any unwanted suppresses.

Security keys – there are a large number of commercial units in south Granville and commercial units often need higher security compared to residential places. If you are moving into a new commercial unit in South Granville, you should have your locks recoded to a new key, if you are having staff, then its recommended that you use a security key system that will prevent your staff from duplicating your key you issue them. A standard key can be duplicated at any key cutter or hardware shop without the owner knowing, Security keys prevent this from happening. Security keys also improve the security in the lock.

Security Letterbox locks – South Granville is among a large number of local suburbs that are experiencing mail theft and missing mail, it is a growing problem in the South Granville area, Dr Lock is one of the few locksmiths that can offer you a real solution to combat this problem by installed a security letterbox lock at a reasonable price. If you mail is important to you then its worth installing a security letterbox locks to keep you mail safe.

Open Cars – Just like houses, people often lock their keys in cars too, our locksmiths are able top unlock a large number of cars, but not all. If you find that you have locked your keys in the car, our locksmiths are on standby and ready to help you.

Install Locks – Each of our locksmith carry a range of locks with them every time they attend a job in South Granville, if we find that an extra lock is needed, or a lock that needs to be order, our locksmith can simply return to our office and pick one up, this is the advantage of using a local locksmith that really is local to South Granville.

For more information our locksmith service, or to buy locks from our online locksmith shop see our main web site.

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