Locksmith Telopea

Locksmith Telopea

Like most people keys can be your best friends and they can be your worst enemy.
If you have ever run out of your house or unit in Telopea and forgotten to take the keys, you will find that your are locked out and your locks stop you from getting back inside.
This is when your locks are doing their job but its not nice being locked out.

Being locked out is a common experience in Telopea that can happen to all of us, it only takes a second to forget our keys and when you are on your way out or running out the door because you are late its easy to forget them.
If this dose happen to you and you live in Telopea, Relax and simply call Dr Lock locksmith service. We have locksmiths on call all day, every day 24 hours a day, that are highly trained for that exact situation and can get you back inside you home our unit in the Telopea area fast.

Keys are small peace of metal that we carry around with us every day; they are the tool we use to gain entry to your home or unit.
Keys are important and they keep the bad people out and prevent people from being able to just walk into your property.

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With most standard keys it’s almost imposable to know how many keys you have, or how many keys have been duplicated from that one key.

What’s more you have no record as to who has lived in the place before you or whom they have passed keys onto. Even if you get handed a fresh shinny key to a place in Telopea you have just moved into, its worth having your keys changed to a fresh key.

To change your lock to a fresh key is a simple and easy job for our professional locksmith service, we simply remove the lock from the door and rebuild the lock to a new key pattern.

Once the new key pattern has been installed into the lock, it’s not possible for the old keys to unlock the door. Changing the key for a lock is much cheaper then install a new lock, most of all you get a fresh start with your keys.

Do your locks need an upgrade? Do you have a deadlock on your door? Can you add a second lock?

If you live in a unit in Telopea, and you only have one original handle lock on your door, then its recommended to install a second deadlock, units doors are allowed to have one dead latch deadlock and one handle lock, its important to install the correct locks on your unit doors, as they must comply with fire regulations. Speak with our friendly Dr Lock locksmith team for more information on adding a deadlock to your unit.

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Upgrading a deadlock is a good suggestion that is worth the investment. Many people have the wrong attitude when it comes to locks “if its not broke , don’t fix it” we hear customers say this all the time, but nothing can be further from the truth.

If you have a deadlock and its over 20 years old it may not provide the security it should. New locks are stronger and safer, with the new range of Lockwood locks; some have an emergency release on the inside.

The new locks are much harder to lock pick open. The new locks are installed with longer and stronger screws. Most of all new locks work reliably and give your peace of mind that you wont be stuck outside late at night because your lock has jammed or failed. Installing a new lock is well worth the investment.

Security keys are another services that Dr Lock locksmith can offer you. Security keys make your lock stronger and harder or if not imposable to lock pick and lock bump. If you are using normal keys, be aware that burglars can lock pick your door open without any signs of damage or any tell tail signs that the door was opened.

Locksmith Telopea locksLocksmith Telopea Security KeysBy using security keys, your locks will be much harder, if not imposable to open. Security keys are not just for commercial customers. We recommend all residents in Telopea to have at least one high security lock on their door to prevent lock picking. Our locksmith has reported at least 3 customers have had their locks opened by burglars because of lock picking. Upgrade today and prevent any unwanted surprises.

Dr Lock locksmith service is a mobile service located in Parramatta, which is only a short distance down the road from Telopea. When you need a locksmith we allocate our closet locksmith to Telopea to respond to you. Our Telopea locksmith service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Should you need a local Telopea Locksmith, we hope that you keep Dr Lock in mind.

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