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Do you live in the Wentworthville area? Are you locked out or looking to call a locksmith to repair your locks? If you are in need of lock and key security then you have come to the right place. Dr Lock is one of the few locksmiths that work in the Wentworthville area and also provides after hours emergency locksmiths service. It’s important to know that you can Call Dr Lock locksmith for help both day and night should you lose your locks or lock yourself out.

Recode Locks. When you move into a new place in Wentworthville, it’s important to have your locks looked at buy are trusted locksmiths. The first thing our locksmiths will do is look over your locks and see that they are all functioning and able to provide good security. If your current locks are working and in good locking order, the lock can be recoded to suit a new key. This means the lock dose not have to be replaced and the lock can operate on a new key. The parts inside the lock are changed to the shape of a new key and the old key will not physically operate the lock. Recoding locks will save you time and money as well as providing you a fresh set of keys for your locks.

Installing Deadlocks. Most units and houses are made with only one lock as standard. When you take ownership of a newly built place, the locks are often, the minimum amount to get the unit or home to lockup stage. Dr Lock recommends installing new deadlocks on most perimeter doors. Our locksmiths are able to install a large number of deadlocks and also dead latch locks that will provide your years of reliable security. Don’t leave your security to chance, upgrade your locks from the start and prevent any unwanted surprises or lock failures. All of the Dr Lock locks carry a number of deadlocks with them at all times. If you need a locksmith in Wentworthville and our locksmith does not have the lock with them, we can simply return to Parramatta and pick one up or order the lock and return to Wentworthville the following day. Dr Lock has access to almost all deadlocks on the market.

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Security Keys. Most people don’t know that there are normal keys and they are high security keys. Often people don’t know the difference and do not have the information to make the choice between the two products. A normal key is a standard shape that is commonly used and easy to get cut at all most any key cutting shop. Standard locks are easy to open for burglars by lock picking and lock bumping. Security keys offer you a higher level of security. The keys are almost impossible to lock pick even for a locksmith with 20 or more years experience. The keys cannot be duplicated at your local lock shop or key cutting shop. Both the lock and the keys are much higher in security and will prevent burglars’ accessing your place. Key control is another reason that security keys are a much better option compared to standard house keys. With key control, you can issue a key to a staff member and they cannot get that key duplicated. All new keys will be made for the authorised person only, giving you key control and peace of mind. In the past 3 years our locksmith have seen over six units that have been broken into by lock picking, their was no damage to the lock or door, the lock was picked and opened. By installing high security locks, the lock will not be able to be lock picked by these burglars. Protecting you Wentworthville units and keeping the burglars out.

Security Letter Box Locks. Losing mail is a very frustrating experience, not only do you miss important bills and get sent reminders, the information contained on your bills allows criminals to develop profiles on you and your neighbours, in the attempt to access your accounts and services. This has been going on in the Wentworthville area for well over 3 years, the local people of Wentworthville have been reporting this crime to our locksmiths, who then have been installing new security mailbox locks to help combat the problem. By installing a new security mailbox lock you will increase your security. Normal mailbox locks have a master key, this allows thieves to unlock your letterbox and simply remove the mail without anyone noticing, and not leaving any trace of damage. The new security mailbox locks that Dr Lock is installing do not have a master key, they also do not have the number printed on the lock, and are also very hard to lock pick. If you are living in Wentworthville and you are looking for a way to improve your mailbox security, speak with one of our friendly locksmith who can explain the process and the cost. It’s often cheaper to install a security mailbox lock, then replacing your current standard lock with a replacement standard lock.

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Unlocking Locks. We have all done it, walked outside the door and simply left the keys on the kitchen bench or hanging on the hook decide the door. Its what you do next that will make the difference between a long and frustrating wait or a quick and fast problem solution. Most standard locks can be lock picked open, it only takes a few minutes to have a professional locksmith open your lock. Lock picking dose not cause damage. When you have had your locks picked open by a locksmith you can still use the same key, Because Dr Lock is located in Parramatta, its quick for our locksmiths to attend to Wentworthville and unlock your door and get you back inside. Often our locksmiths can have you back inside your home or unit from 10-60min. We have locksmiths on the road and all over the Parramatta / Wentworthville area every day. High security locks are not possible to lock pick and will require a replacement lock cylinder.

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For all these locksmith services and more, speak with our Wentworthville area locksmith. Our locksmiths are fast service and also on duty 24 hours a day for emergencies.

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