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Locksmith Westmead

Locksmith Westmead Sydney NSWLocksmith Westmead service for Westmead and the surrounding areas.

Locks and keys are very important to keep bad people out of your home or unit; locks have always been an overlooked investment that is only ever invested in when needed or when the current locks have failed.

Locksmith Westmead service can help !

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  • 24 hour locksmith service 
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First of all locks should be the first thing you check when you move into a new place, or when you feel that your current security is only providing the bare minimum security.

If you fail to update your security and fail to maintain your security, you could be faced with the unexpected experience of a home burglary or a broken lock when you need it most.


Westmead Locksmith Service 24 Hour

Mobile Locksmith Westmead

Mobile Locksmith Westmead

Locks and keys are not as complicated as they seem. If you try to install your own locks or try to evaluate your own security needs with out consulting a security professional such as Dr lock, then you will find locks and security very complex.

This is because our trained teams of Locksmith that work in the Westmead are have years of training and years of lock knowledge.

Locksmith Westmead Sydney

Locksmith Westmead Sydney

We take the guess work out of your security and do the entire job for you. You don’t need to know much about locks, our locksmiths make it easy for you.You can have  good quality locks on your home our unit in Westmead with out lifting a finger.


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Westmead Locksmith Dr Lock Locksmith Westmead

Your security is very important; it will provide you and your belongings a safe place that prevents bad people and thieves from entering and steeling from you.
When you call for a locksmith in Westmead you should keep Dr Lock in mind,

Locksmith Westmead service

Locksmith Westmead service

Dr Lock locksmiths are all trained and have years of experience in locks and locksmithing that can help you get the most out of your security and protect you.

If you need a locksmith in Westmead because you have locked your keys inside your house or unit, our locksmith can help you with the unlocking service.

Mobile Westmead Locksmith

mobile locksmith Westmead

Locksmith Westmead

We are one of the fastest locksmiths in Westmead and most of the time our locksmiths are located in Parramatta only minuets away.
We do not have a locksmith shop in Westmead at this stage, our locksmiths provide a mobile locksmith service that will come to you in Westmead and repair your locks or install new locks on the spot.
Dr Lock has been providing locksmith service in Westmead for well over 15 years, with out 24 hour late night locksmith service in operation in Westmead for over 10 years.

24 hour Westmead Locksmith 989 12345

24 hour Locksmith Westmead Service

This means that we have helped thousands of people get back inside their units when they have been locked out in Westmead. In turn Dr Lock locksmiths have repaired many more thousands of locks for other customers in Westmead.
Dr Lock is a well known brand in the Westmead area and our locksmith are always friendly and knowledge of there locks and key that we can provide. Feel free to talk to one of our locksmith about how we can improve your security in Westmead today.

Tip of the Week – Westmead Service.
When you are parking in Westmead, make shore to remove all your valuables from your car. Due to a large number of reports from our customers in Westmead that thieves are braking into cars and steeling belongings.

Often valuables left on verandas and in the common areas have also been stolen, most importantly don’t leave valuables in your lock up garage unless you have an additional lock. Garages are very easy to brake into if you only have the standard middle handle twist lock.

Service That Our Dr Lock Westmead Locksmiths Offer

Westmead Locksmith Hot Deals **
This year our locksmiths are installing security mailbox lock for the people of Westmead for as little as $44 each.

If you live in a large complex and there is a number of mailbox locks to install we can also offer even more discount.

New mailbox security locks are recommended. Now with the large number of people that are reporting mail theft in the Parramatta and Westmead area.

The above price dose not include the service call. For more information an mailbox locks and security letter box locks, speak with our locksmiths.

Deadlocks install on your unit door $264.We will send one of our locksmith install a deadlock for your unit that will comply with the fire regulations. Dr Lock  locksmith will take care of the entire job and supply and install a fire rated dead latch deadlock that will give you years of security.

The lock comes with two keys and is easy to use. Protect your Westmead unit from intruders and install a second lock today for the low price of $264 including GST and service call, total price all included.

This price is only valid for residents of Westmead; the price may differ for wooden frame installations.

If or locksmith is unavailable you can also try Westmead Locksmith service click this.

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