Locksmith Winston Hills

Locksmith Winston Hills

Winston hills is definitely one of the local suburbs that has grown with the Western Sydney boom. Because Dr Lock locksmiths are located in Parramatta, Winston hills ia only a short drive up Windsor rd. or Old Windsor Rd to the Winston Hills area. For well over 15 years Dr Lock has offered a mobile locksmith service in the Winston Hills area, a service that will come to you and fix your lock or key problems on the spot, saving you time and money.

Domestic Locksmith. Working on house locks and unit locks is all common procedure for Dr lock, our locksmiths are very knowledgeable on all the different types of locks available on the market for domestic situations. With many years of finely honed skills installing domestic locks, our locksmiths will have your Winston Hills home or units secured and locked up, in no time.

Commercial Locksmith.Winston hills dose have a number of commercial premises as well in the area, these customers are not left out, Dr Lock also dose provide lock and locking solutions for commercial clients, from fire exit locks to high security key systems. Our locksmiths have a range of commercial grade locks to suit your needs.

Automotive Locksmith. Car locks and car keys area a very complex area of locksmith these days. Since the introduction of computer chips and transponders into cars back in 1997, cars have become very difficult to copy and change lock for. Dr Lock is able to unlock 80% of the cars on the road to date. If you need to get back inside your car because you have locked your keys inside the car, then Dr Lock can help! If you need a key to be made because you have lost all of the keys, speak with our friendly locksmith who will see if its possible to make a key for you brand of car. In the event that our locksmith cannot help you, we will try our best to refer you to a locksmith that can. Please note that we do not have a key cutting store for key duplications. This means if you need a key duplicated for your car, at this stage our locksmith cannot help you.

Security Mailbox Locks. With the increase in identity theft in the Parramatta and Winston Hills area, it’s very important to upgrade any standard locks that you currently have on your mailbox. Dr Lock is one of the few locksmiths that are able to install security locks properly that will improve your chances of stopping criminal stealing your mail. The Dr Lock security mailbox lock uses a unique round key that is common found on high security products, such as vending machines and poker machines just to name a few. The cost of installing security mailbox locks is often the same price as a standard mailbox lock; only the security mailbox locks provide good protection against mail theft.

Security keys. Standard keys and stand locks have been used for almost 100years, lock picking and lock bumping has also been around for a number of years, it seems that you only need a few small bits of wire that can easy be obtained online, and about 20 minutes in front of a computer can study and watch video on how to pick a normal lock, often with some success. High security keys are not like normal keys, they have added security that will make lock picking very hard and almost impossible. Standard lock picking tolls will not work on high security locks. Duplicating keys is another problem with standard keys, you simply need to take your standard key to any locksmith or key cutter to have another copy made, with out without the owners consent, allowing staff and contractors to return or access areas that should be controlled. High security keys give you protection against key duplication, only authourised people are able to get keys cut, threw Dr Lock only. For more information on security keys and how they will improve your security speak with our Winston Hills area locksmith, who can provide you more information and a quote on upgrading your locks to a secure security key system.

Locked Out. Leaving your keys inside and running out the door, is easy to do in todays climate. We are all very busy and running around faster and faster them ever before. When the un thinkable happens and your forget your keys, you simply need to call Dr Lock . We have highly trained locksmiths that can come to you day and night and get you back inside fast. Because our locksmiths have years of experience, this is often on need to replace your locks, and our locksmith will make every effort to open the lock at the cheapest rate, without replacing parts when possible. The next time you forget your keys for your home or unit in Winston Hills, keep Dr Lock 24 hour Locksmith in mind.

Changing Lock. If you have just moved into a new place, or you have lost your keys and are not shore who or where you left them, its wise to just recode your locks to a new key. This is called changing locks or recoding locks. The process is simple for our locksmiths. Your locks are removed and reset to a new key combination. This combination is different to your current shaped key and will prevent your current key for operating the lock. Make shore you recode all your perimeter doors for maximum security. Speak with our friendly locksmiths about key matching, this is where you can have all your locks working on the one key, making it more convenient and easy to use your locks, most if all its cheaper for you when getting keys duplicated.

For all the locksmith serviced that Dr Lock offers in the Winston Hills area, feel free to call our locksmiths and peak with them about you lock and keys needs, our locksmiths are very knowledgeable and always willing to help.


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  1. We have 2 locks that need new keys, I see that you make new keys and would like to inquire on the price to have your locksmith fix the 2 locks with new keys.We are only home on the weekend we both work in the week. My father can be at my place in Winston Hills after 4pm on Thursday if thats better and cheaper. Thanks Mark

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