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This week even more reports of mail being stolen in the Parramatta and Castle hill area, The mail that most victims miss the most is credit cards and cheques, several of our customers have reported to our locksmiths that their credit cards have been activated and used. If you are quick enough you can get the charges canceled and not lose any money, but you only have about 30 days. That’s if you find out about it by then.

One customer last week that Dr Lock installed a security mailbox lock for, had a cheque taken from their mailbox and someone had attempted to cash it, the customer did not say if they were successful or not, but it does highlight that the mail was stolen and the thief was attempting to cash his cheque.

If you or your strata would like to have your locks upgraded to a more secure locking system Dr Lock can help. We have been installing security mailbox locks for the past 3 years and have special tools to adapt the locks to the shape of the mailbox. Dr Lock is on of the largest suppliers of security mailbox locks in Sydney.

Don’t settle for second best! The security mailbox lock used by Dr Lock are much higher in security than other standard small key locks, some other locksmith are replacing mailbox locks with non numbered mailbox locks that are still very easily picked or jingled open. The locks that we use are high higher in security and lock picking is very difficult even for a trained person.

Some of the key points why our locks are better.

  • Our security mailbox locks do not have a master-key – No Master Key
  • Our security locks do not have a code on the front of the lock, if you lock has a code, then a key can be made from this code without your knowledge.
  • Our security locks are very hard to lock pick, the round key is used on vending machines as well as motorbikes, this is because its offer more security over normal shaped keys.
  • Installed using custom tools and machines, our locksmith has developed the necessary tools to custom fit the lock to the mailbox. The lock does not come to the desired shape of your mailbox and needs to be custom fitted to each mailbox to maximize the strength the lock provides.


Below is 2 examples of locks that you most likely have, keep in, mind if your lock has any code on the front, you should replace it. Or if it looks like the example below “Replace it”

Bad Mailbox Locks

  • Bad Locks
  • Master Key will open all
  • Number on lock – key code – can make key from number
  • Easy to jiggle or lock pick

Stolen MailSteeling Mail LetterboxMissing mail mailbox locks Master key

Dr Lock Security Mailbox Locks

  • Stronger Locks
  • No Master Key
  • Very to lock pick , can not jiggle open
  • No key code on lock
  • Round key hole – can not force with screw driver
  • Almost same price as normal mailbox locks

Stolen mail security mailbox lock


The new security mailbox locks will help you stop the problem of mail theft and identity theft, most of all it will help stop people from stealing your mail.
Having your important mail stolen is a huge invasion of privacy and who knows what happens with the information once the thieves have it?

Protect your mail today and upgrade your mailbox lock to a
security letterbox locks. Prevent you mail from being stolen

Free quote available on request.

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