Parking Parramatta

We all have a job to do.

If you are visiting Parramatta or you are just in town to pop in and pop out, you may have seen our little fluro rangers walking the streets.

They walk around endlessly and issue ticket after ticket. They have a job to do and they do it without leniency. “We leniency for some”


If you are in Parramatta, enjoy the town, the view but watch out for the parking rangers. They have a job to do and their job is to keep the parking problem under control, as well as raising money for some of the nice events that the Parramatta city council has provided over the years.


Sadly a few of our locksmith have contributed to the fund. We all have a job to do and the need to find parking. It is the same for a Locksmith as it is for, a Pizza delivery, Ambulance, Cash pickup driver, Delivery, furniture remove list.


It’s funny how Delivery people don’t get booked? Or armed cash pickup vans, picking up the money can double park and not get booked? So why does a locksmith get booked when we are rushing to an emergency job?


The cash pick up companies is nothing more than a security company doing their job, and so is a locksmith company. There is no special permit or rights or agreements. Both are just security company’s doing their job.


The city of Holroyd has parking offices that hide and pounce on you in a hard beat. With no ranger in site, my car was wrongly parked while I ran into the chemist, in total the time was 2-3 minutes, this was enough time for the Holroyd ranger to find me, read the sign, write a ticket , and disappear.



That’s funny all that in 2-3 min and so quick that he was not seen before or after?


I understand we all have jobs to do, but hiding is a sneaky way to raise money, some leniency now and aging is required for the working class that also has a job to do.


There is no need to hide, Parramatta city council has provided their rangers with floro jackets, you can see them a mile away, Why does Holroyd council not do the same? Why are they cunning and hiding?


Even though I have been booked in Parramatta and Holroyd, I feel Holroyd was not a fair parking ticket and it’s best to warn others about their little sting operation to raise funds. Yes I have been booked in Parramatta too, but at least it was fair.


Parking Parramatta

SO back to the big question, why do delivery drivers, remover list, Cash guards, allowed to break the parking rules and not get fined? Why do locksmith not fall into this category?

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