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  • Screen Door Cylinder Pin Whitco

Screen Door Cylinder Pin Whitco


Screen Door Lock Cylinder Pin - Whitco

This is a screen door cylinder to suit screen doors and sliding screen doors. The cylinder is suited to the Whitco brand locks, but will  usually suit most other brands too. This cylinder has a lazy cam, which means the centre part moves about ? of a revolution with out the keys. If you are trying to match the cylinder to another one you have, you can simply move the centre part ?Cam.? If the centre part does not move then you will need a fixed cam cylinder. Screen doors and security screen doors use a lazy cam cylinder like this one. This cylinder has more security then the standard cylinder that uses the smaller key. This cylinder uses a full size key, the same size key as most deadlocks, and uses pins like most deadlocks do too. To replace this cylinder, you simply remove the side screw from the lock, turn the key and slide the cylinder out. To install you simply do the reverse of removing. This cylinder is available on its own, if you would like to change your keys, you can simply buy new cylinders and swap them. You will need to buy this cylinder is you have purchased a screen door lock, as they do not come with the lock.

?         Screen door cylinder

  •          Lazy Cam
  •          Pin Locking System
  •          Finish in chrome
  •          Key alike option ?No extra charge?
  •          Suit whitco locks
  •          5 Pin
  •          Suits most other screen doors locks too
  •          Suits sliding screens as well
Keying = If you want your screen cylinders to be the same key, select key alike

Keying = If you want your screen cylinder to be the same key as your other locks in your order , select key to my order

Keying = If you want the screen cylinders to be all diffrent keys select, All diffrent key

Add Extra Keys ? = If you order Key Alike you get 2 keys per cylinder

Add Extra Keys ? = If you match the key to your order you get 2 keys for all your locks

Add Extra Keys ? = If you cylinders are diffrent keys you get 2 keys per cylinder 

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