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  • Rim Cylinder Tail / Leg / Connection Long 100mm

Rim Cylinder Tail / Leg / Connection Long 100mm


Rim Cylinder Tail - Long 100mm size 

This part is for the back of a rim lock. It connects the front cylinder with the lock that is fitted to the back of the door. When you are installing the lock you will need to cut this part to the right size to suit the size of the door, if you are re fitting a lock you will need a new tail or if you have cut the tail too small you will need a new tail. See the video as to how to replace the tail.

  • Suit Rim Locks
  • 100mm Long
  • Suit door over 55m thick
  • Standard Lockwood tail
  • Suitable for other rim lock cylinder 
  • Not suitable for some imported locks from China
  • Suit Lockwood - Whitco - BDS - Carbine - Norton - and more

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