Always use a qualified Locksmith

It’s amazing the amount of people who want to tinker around with their locks, often handyman or weekend warriors have the idea that installing a lock will be easy and fun. Reading the instructions is easy and it only takes a few small holes with a trusty Ryobi drill to install a locks.

Wrong Wrong

It is important to have a lock installed by a professional locksmith for a number of reasons, it’s true the instructions are written in English and it true that most people can understand that, but you will need to understand what they mean not just what they say.
The instructions tell you what to do; they don’t tell you what not to do or how to drill a straight hole or how to test the lock after installation. Locks are not as simple as other DIY jobs and you can quite easy have to do the job a few times to get it right. You may even frond yourself install another lock soon after the first because of the quality of the lock.
The hardware shops will happily sell you shiny locks that are made from the lowest grade of metal and will fall apart after a few weeks. But the locks shores are shiny and cheap.
All good locksmiths have a high-powered drill that is complemented with the right size drill bits and whole saws. It’s very important to drill the right size hole if you want your lock to work. All good locksmith also have a tool to allow them to re-drill the door even if they center of the hole has already been drilled. Most of all locksmiths know how to install locks and how to check locks to see it they are locking correctly.
The image below if a roller door with the wrong lock fitted. This photo was taken in Parramatta, it show how the person who installed the lock had the best of intention and bought a good quality lock, the next thing to do was to install the lock, and by the look of lock, installation was done.
Always use a qualified Locksmith

The most important thing that any locksmith can see a mile away is that the lock is only suited for a panel lift garage, not a roller door that rolls up at the top. It does not tell you in the instructions that it is not suitable for roller doors, it does tell you where to drill the holes. The point is, that you can save yourself time and money by just calling a professional Locksmith.
We have locksmiths in the Parramatta area of Sydney that can install a wide range of locks on your home or unit, trying to save a few dollars or getting the cheapest quote does not guarantee you will get the job done right or up to a quality standard.
Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference, like installing all the screws. If you want a lock to be strong you need to use all the screws and sometimes more than what the lock came with. This is knowledge that only locksmith have.
Some locksmiths often cut corners too. If you get a cheap price you must ask yourself why? Is the locksmith licensed? Is the locksmith going to give warranty? Why is the locksmith only excepting cash? What happens if the lock stops working or gets jammed? , can I rely on this locksmith to come back if needed?, is the locksmith from a reputable company you can trust ?
If you have to ask yourself any of the above questions, it’s possible you have selected the wrong person to install your locks. Speak with our trained / licensed / qualified staff about our locksmith service.

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