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Some amazing advances have been made by Dr Lock with the Hills Alarms and Das Alarms systems, not only have we made a new communication module, we now have the modal ready to install on your alarm. This is a huge advance for owners of these alarm system.

We have made some videos to help people understand how this new communications module will work, for most people it will give the possibility that their past alarm system could not deliver. For other people it will allow them to save money and still use their alarm system when the NBN is rolled out.

It’s true all the copper lines will be removed and your current alarm system relies on this line to communicate with the alarm monitoring company to notify you of an alarm condition. Other GSM systems are available but the price is about $1000 + installation, but they still don’t allow your alarm to have sms capabilities. Our system does!!

  • You can monitor your Das or Hills alarm by SMS
  • You don’t need a phone line
  • You can use your alarm after the NBN has been installed
  • We can configure the alert’s you want and the ones you don’t!
  • We can upgrade your current system to make it operate and provide some of the features that only the new high-end system can offer for a fraction of the price.

We welcome your questions and inquiries. Please email security@drlock.com.au or call 04 888 00060 for more information of the Hills communication module. Only sold and installed by Dr Lock. We are the only company that can offer you this unique service in Australia without changing your alarm system.

See all the videos below for more info…

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