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Brava Lock Catalog 2013

Brava locks have been used by locksmith for many years; Brava locks are also well priced and offer the same standard of protection as many other more expensive locks. Brava locks are also reliable, the design of Brava locks  allows the locks to be repaired if needed, compared with other locks that cannot be repaired and must always be replaced.

Brava locks are available in our online lock shop; Click this to see the range

The Brava lock catalog displays the range of different finishes the locks are available in and also the different models as well as the different keyways that the locks can be ordered in.

If you find a Brava lock in the catalog that is not listed online in our lock shop, please email our locksmiths, who will be able to list the lock you need online for you.

Brava locks commonly used Australia wide, the Brava name has a good reputation in the locksmith industry, just about every locksmith in Australia has some Brave stock that they sell or install.

Parts for Brave locks are also available, most parts are listing in our online lock shop, feel free to email our locksmith should you need help finding parts for Brava locks

 To see the full range of Brava locks see the PDF catalog aE” Click this

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