New New Zealand Rugby Keys

New 3D Keys

New  in 2013 is the 3D All Blacks Football Key, We have just received the new range of New Zealand football keys and will be adding them to our online shop in the next week. There is 8 new keys and all keys are 3D large-headed keys. If you are an All Blacks fan or you know someone who is, this would make the ideal gift. The key is a real key and is made to be cut just like a normal key would. The profile of the keys is LW4 or C4 which is the most standard key that is used for Lockwood locks and the majority of standard locks. You can get full details from our lock shop about 3D keys and more information on how to compare you key.

The new keys are

  • All Blacks  Black & White
  • All Blacks Football shaped Black head
  • All Blacks  White head football shaped
  • Blues
  • Chiefs
  • Hurricanes
  • Crusaders

We will keep updating the range of New Zealand Rugby Keys ad they become available.

Put some color on your keying and get your Rugby key today!!

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