Holden Fancy House Keys

New 3D House Keys For 2013

The new range of 3D fancy house keys have arrived, this new range of keys has the Holden racing team keys for all the Holden fans and also a wide range of fancy keys to all kinds of people. If you are looking to make your house key look fancy, you can buy a key from our locksmith shop and have it cut locally.

We will be adding more keys as they become available and this is just a small sample of the new key range for 2013.

To purchases any of the keys see our locksmith shop

You can see the keys on our video

Some of the new range of keys includes

New House Keys Parramatta Locksmith

  • Holden Motor Sport – Red and White Holden Logo
  • Holden Motor Sport – Red and Silver Logo
  • Holden Motor Sport – Brock Logo Helmut and Lion
  • Holden Motor Sport – Silver Lion with Ball
  • 3D Butterfly
  • 3D Casino chip
  • 3D Cupcake Pink
  • 3D 8 Ball
  • 3D  6 Speed Gear knob Shift Pattern
  • 3D love square key
  • 3D Round happy face key
  • 3D Hart love key
  • 3D Skull silver key
  • 3D  v8 logo key
  • 3D Red and white Golf ball
  • 3D Mag wheel and disc brake key

All keys are a Lockwood profile key, that’s the most standard key. See the video for more info

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