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Locksmith Franchise – Good or Bad?

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Australia is now starting to see the start of Locksmith franchising.

When you call a locksmith, you would expect to receive a qualified locksmith. Not a weekend locksmith or a locksmith with 2 weeks training, a qualified locksmith that has the skills and experience to not only solve your locks problems but also minimize the cost using their experience and techniques.

However some US companies and an Australian company are now selling locksmith franchise in Australia, boasting you too can own a locksmith franchise. With these franchises you only need 2 weeks training and you can start working as a locksmith and performing duties that normally reserved for locksmiths.

The training you get as a franchisee is said to be “intense” But to be a professional locksmith it takes years, there is no way you can learn 4 years of apprentice training in 2 weeks. Inexperience can be a costly for the customer.
If you are locked out in Sydney and you need the services of a locksmith, it’s wise to ask questions about qualifications. If the so-called locksmith on the other end of the phone has not been trained in Australia and they do not hold a certificate two in mechanical engineering “Locksmithing” then you should look for another company that has the standard qualifications.
Certificate two in mechanical engineering is the locksmith standard “Every locksmith has this certificate” If they don’t they are most likely not qualified or experienced.

“Experience is everything”

** One locksmith franchise wanted $280,000 to take part and use their name, There would most likely be ongoing cost as well. From our research we were left scratching our heads as to how this could even be considered. One question that was asked to the people offering the franchise is “How do we make enough money to stay in business and compete and recover our investment” The answer was simple “Just charge more” Their research shows that they can charge 30-50% more because of their name and because they are a franchise.
Most locksmith charge the standard price, each locksmith may change in price often its $10-50 of the total bill. But any service that charges 50% higher than the industry standard just because they are part of a franchise is a rip off.


The moral to the story is “Use a trained qualified locksmith” they are faster – cheaper – qualified

  1. Things that your locksmith must have if they are a true locksmith.
  2. Have a certificate in Locksmithing “From Tafe”
  3. Have completed a 4 year apprenticeship
  4. Security Licence
  5. Master Licence
  6. Be a member of a security association


If your locksmith does not have all of the above, you should get one that dose.

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