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Mag locks are used as an alternative to electric strikes in access control systems, the mag lock is normally fitted to the door frame and also attached to the door to provide a large amount of holding power by using electromagnetic technology “Magnet System”. When power is applied the Mag lock it will be locked, when power is turned off, the magnet or Mag lock will release the door so the door can simply be pulled open.

Before Mag locks there was only two ways to make doors electronically and automatically unlock to allow people to enter using an access control system or intercom system of some sort.

The first way is to use an electric strike, this part is fitted to the door frame and the lock would lock into the electric strike. Once power is applied the electric strike would release. You would need a compatible latch lock to work with the electric strike. Most of  the time you  would need to change the lock to a latch lock and also install the electric strike to allow the system to work.

The sound way of allowing access electronically is by using an electric lock, one of the biggest downfalls with electronic locks is the cost, often four times more than a standard locks, and you also have to drill a long hole through the door to run cables.

Mag locks have the advantage over both the above options. You don’t need to drill threw the door; you don’t need to change the lock and cut into the frame to install the Mag lock.

Mag locks are often cheaper and easier to install. Mag locks have been the preferred choice for access control systems and alternative to other methods of making doors electronically unlock. See our lock shop for more information and to see the range of both electric strikes and Mag locks that we sell. Keep us in mind if you are in Sydney, we have locksmiths and electronic techs that can install and service your locks and electronic security.

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  1. The locksmith service is very different from the service that I have used back home in India,Back home you can have a locksmith cut you a key by hand for a very small fee, even if you lose your key you can have a key made by hand for a very small fee, in Australia keys and locksmith seem to cost more.Locksmith in Australia do have much nicer machines and better tools,its a completely different service the how they do business in India.

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