Bosch Alarm 16+,Bosch64,Bosch144 Zone inputs to another Arming Area

Bosch 16+ Alarm & Bosch 64 & Bosh 144 Alarm Panel = Change Zones

This video is about how to change the zones into new areas. If you have a zone and you would like to make that zone operate differently, for example you wish to use a zone for access control you would need to change the zone. There is an unlimited amount of things you can do with the Bosch alarm panel, this is just a quick help build on one of those function. We do have alarm technicians in Sydney that can also help you with your alarm needs, and updating and servicing. Please watch the alarm video that we have posted to help you with your alarm programming. Over time we are happy to take time out to show others about some of the functions that the Bosch alarms have and help get your alarm system running properly. Keep in mind that alarms should be programmed by a security professional, and that if you want the job done right you must seek the advice of a professional. Should you be able to understand the user manual and wish to tackle some of the easier task you can watch our videos that will help you along the way.

Please note Dr lock is no longer offering alarm service and support 

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