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The NSW Police provides a database on crime prevention. These pages are informative and easy to use to help prevent crime against you. The information ranges from security for your business – residential – and personal security. They clearly explain the importance of good home and commercial security and offer lots of advice. Dr Lock is able to help you improve your security should you feel this may need attention after reading the following ……………………

Click here for the crime prevention data base

Some of the brands of lock we recommend and use are listed on the following link. This page also includes detailed information on locks and applications along with designer hardware for a more stylish look for your house security locks. Dr Lock is able to supply and install these locks to suit your needs. Our staffs are experienced with the range and functions of almost all of the products located on the following link….. Click to see lock brands
The QLD Police have compiled a short check list of some of the key points around your home that you should check for your home security, covering locks, lights, contact numbers and more.  Click to go to the check list
The information listed above will give you a clear understanding of what type of security or level of security you should have. If you feel you need more information you can email Dr Lock and we will help find a suitable security system for your needs.

As a general rule we advise a good starting point for your home security is your physical security “Locks”. Good quality locks around your home perimeter is the first place to start with your home protection. By using a variety of double locking deadlocks, window locks, padlocks, gate locks you will increase your level of security and also receive a discount on some insurance policies.

The next step in your home protection is electronic security. A monitored alarm system along with intercom, CCTV cameras, and warning signs will also help improve your security. One of the biggest mistakes home handyman, DIY people make is to spend as little as possible on their locks and security. Unknowingly they are reducing the effectiveness of the security device. Not all locks are the same and likewise not all alarms and cameras are the same. In the last couple of years there has been a flood of cheap low quality products being imported from China and other places. They may look similar, but offer little protection and a false sense of security. Don’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars when it comes to your security.  Commonly is unreliable and not long-lasting so will eventually cost you more?
Confused about locks and types of locks? The following link has detailed descriptions of a variety of locks commonly found around your home or commercial premises                       Click to see Types of locks

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