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Book Safe Locksmith Shop One of the latest products we sell is this book safe.  With two keys this book safe is an excellent Idea for hiding money, goods and papers. The outside book cover is a real book cover with a real book feel. Once the book safe is surrounded by other books you have a hard time telling it apart from any other book. There is a steel shell inside the book which provides good strong storage for the contents. There is a range of colours and 3 different sizes. See our lock shop to order.
 Key Light Key LED Locksmith Shop Yes they are fully functional keys! In the past year these new keys have come on the market and they are real keys, You can have them cut just the same as you would any key. There is a wide range of colours and designs and different key profiles as well. If you would like to order a fancy key you can find all the range in our lock shop, with instructions how to match the key profile. Our locksmiths have advised us that the keys work better if they are cut by holding the bottom groove, so ask your key cutter to hold then with the bottom groove, and not the base of the key. This will give you a better key cut and allow the key to work smoothly. Expected life of the finish is about 3-5 years depending on use. It’s an excellent way to quickly identify your house key!
 Bike Loop strong lock Locksmith Shop Sydney This is a new product used to secure bikes – boats – trailers – and more. When you have nothing but concrete around you and you need to lock it down, this can be used to give you something to put a chain through or lock to. This yellow device is screwed into the concrete with long bolts and the bolts are capped with plugs, once installed it can not be removed or unbolted. This device is made from steel and is extremely strong, you could drive over it and it would not change shape! This is an excellent solution to an old problem of not having anything to secure to can be used for bikes, boats and outdoor goods or garage items of value.
 Code Locks Locksmith Shop Parramatta In the old days we all used keys, now we are starting to see more and more ways to gain access without keys and they are very popular! This lock, pictured is a fingerprint lock, simply place your finger on the window and it will scan your finger and open the lock. You can also use the buttons and enter the code to open the lock. This is an excellent idea for people who lose keys or staff who regularly use doors where keys are impractical. You can add and remove fingerprints as well.  Ask our staff for more information on the lock. We can email you the full brochure, as there are too many features to go through on the phone.  Dr Lock also has locksmiths to install this lock if required.


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