Silca GT40 Key Machine

Silca GT-40 Key Cutting Machine

One of the new key machines our Locksmith have been looking at is the Silca GT-40 Key duplicating machine. Make no mistake this key machine is over 20 years old. The key machine has been cleaned and some work is needed to bring the machine back to original condition.Gt40 Key Machine Silca


This Silca GT-40 is a key duplicating machine that is dedicated to cutting

  • Abloy AY1
  • Abloy AY2P
  • Abloy AY3P
  • Chubb AVA & ACH


Silca GT40 Font Side Key Machine Abloy


Options carriage is used to cut

  • Jaguar Tibbe
  • Possible Ford Tibbe





After 20 years of cutting keys, the machine is in excellent condition and its a clear indication of why its worth buying a quality key cutting machine. The Silca brand is one of the most well known in the key cutting community. Silca GT40 Key

Dr Lock will be trying to find all relevant information on this machine, and track down any parts that are still available for this machine. Parts for this key machine can be found in our Lock Shop if available, and more will be added when available. If you need a part and its not listed, then its not available or no longer made “So no need to call “.

Silca GT40 Key Blade

We have uploaded some images of the Silca GT-40 Key Machine for reference for others. Silca GT40 Key Machine Side

Looking over the key machine was done about a week ago and the video can be seen on-line at Silca GT40 Key Machine First Look . Our Locksmiths are working on a training video for this machines that will save other locksmiths and apprentices time in getting to know and how to use the key machine correctly.  Silca GT-40 Belts

Currently we have the user manual available for download inside our Lock Shop – See link  Silca GT-40 Key Machine Dr Lock Silca GT-40 Key Machine Duplicator Silca Key Machine GT-40 cutter


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