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Space & Depth Keys

Dr Lock has just released some new space and depth keys, which are being added to our online lock shop. You can purchase these key simply by going to the key section in the Dr Lock shop.

Space and depth keys are a made product that is used to allow key cutting of keys by the direct code.

 Space and depth keys allow a standard key machine to produce a key to the original specifications.

Space and depth keys are a tool used by locksmiths and key cutters to replicate the original heights and depth on a key.

Bump keys are different from space and depth keys and work completely different.

Space & Depth keys toolsBump keys are used as a tool to manipulate a lock open as a form of lock picking. Space and depth keys are used to allow the key cut at to replicate key to a specific space and a specific depth to the manufacturer’s specifications of a particular lock.
Locksmiths use space and depth keys when they do not have access to a code cutting machine.

Code cutting key machines is expensive and not always available in a mobile locksmith’s situation. Space and depth keys allow a mobile locksmith to be able to cut the key to code without investing in an expensive code machine.

Locksmiths also use space and depth keys when they are faced with a broken key, or a key which is missing part of the key.

Space and depth keys all you to cut keys to code.

By using space and depth you can simply trace over the broken section of the key and achieve the correct height to repair the key.

Space and Depth keys setsWhen locksmiths are faced with only half the key, repairing the key can be much harder; this is when the locksmith will have to determine what the rest of the key shape that is needed to be duplicated back onto the key.

By using space and depth keys the locksmith can duplicate certain heights until the locksmith achieves the original key.

Space and depth keys are not only suited for locksmiths they are also suited for key cutters and other people who cut keys and key cutting service.

In some of our Dr Lock videos you can see how space and depth keys are used and how you can benefit. Space and depth keys will also give you and your customers a high quality key and also allowing you a wider range of service.

Space and Depth keysMaking a key using space and depth keys is quite easily done and is shown in our Dr Lock training videos. For more information on this type of service please see our YouTube videos.

When a key cutter is faced with the lock they do not have a key for, by dismantling the lock and using space and depth keys, they are able to determine the correct height that is needed to produce a working key.

Once a height has been determined they can then use the space and depth keys on the standard key cutting duplicating machine to copy the correct height to the bank key which will then be cut to the correct shape to work the lock.

Space and depth keys are cut on computerised key machine with the exact manufacturer’s specifications.

Space and depth keys are an essential requirement for any key cutter or locksmith.

Space & Depth keys lock shopThe price of the code cutting machine for cutting keys is well above $5000, and is a large investment for any locksmith.

By having space and depth keys it allows you to produce the same product a fraction of the price.

Space and depth keys range from $30 up to $50 per standard single sided flat and can be more expensive the some of the more specialise keys.

If you require space and depth Keys for a particular manufacturer or lock which is not listed, feel free to contact our locksmiths by e-mail and our locksmiths may be able to help and supply you those keys which are needed.Space and Depth keys

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