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Storage Cage Security & Upgrade

Storage Cage security in unit buildings is important. We all have that junk, which we just don’t won’t to keep inside our unit’s, but we don’t want to throw it away.

It maybe garden equipment or it may be renovating supplies, either way it cost you money, and will one day come in handy.

Units are very limited in space and most units come with a storage cage, as seen in the photo, more and more units are built with a storage cage these days.

Storage cage lock

Storage cage original locking

The main problem is that the storage cage is supplied with a standard pad bolt for locking, and you are required to supply your own padlock.

It does not take long for thieves to break into the storage cage using little less than a simple hand tool.

Strata is normally required to maintain the standard lock supplied with the cage, this means that in most cases if the pad bolt is broken, the pad bolt will get replaced with the same pad bolt.

The cost of removing the pad bolt from the storage cage and installing a new pad bolt in the cage is much higher compared with installing the new locking loops.

Dr Lock has a more appropriate solution to this problem that will secure the storage cage better than the original and fit within the budget allowing the strata to upgrade the lock at the same price of less.

This is a winning situation for the owner and the strata.
Owners of the storage cage will benefit from having a stronger locking system that will prevent thieves from stealing their property.

The strata benefit from this because the likely hood of needing to replace the same pad bolt year after year is reduced. The overall cost to strata will be reduced.

Storage Cage Lock Video

There is no point in spending money on low-level security that is easily broken into, even if it is covered by strata, a simple upgrade to the storage cage will work out better in the long run for all parties.

These are two examples on this page, one is a standard pad-bolt and padlock, this is the normal locking solution that comes standard with the storage cage. The second example is a storage cage with the upgraded locking loops fitted and a standard padlock used to secure the doors together

Storage Cage Locks

Storage Cage Locking Loops

You can see the difference; this is what Dr Lock can do to improve the security of the storage cage.

You can see the loops that have been fitted to the steel cage, using the strongest part of the storage cage and installing a place to lock the door and the frame together.

The locking loops are drilled through the steel frame and secured firmly with bolts, then the inside is cut to the side so as not to leave any bolts protruding that may cause injury or damage in the future.

The next step to this installation is to prevent the bolts from being able to be removed by undoing. This is done by welding the bolts to the frame.
Even if the thieves climb over the top and into the cage the bolts cannot be undone and removed.

The second last step is to give the area a quick coat of rust preventive paint that will also make the locking area look nice for years to come.

The final last thing that needs to be added is a padlock, in the example, you can see that we have used a standard 45mm padlock, padlocks can range in price – size – strength.

The cost of locking loops fitted to your storage cage by Dr Lock to storage cage as seen in the example is about $110 plus service call.

The cost of the service call depends on the location and toll and distance needed to travel.

Labour time is also charged to gain access to the cage, move items in and out to allow welding and minimise any fire risk. If the area has been organized and access is available, then there is no need to charge for labour.

The video will clearly show the difference between the two options. You can see the storage cage with the standard pad bolt and the storage cage with the new locking loops fitted.

Please keep in mind that installation of one or two cages will cost extra, and setting up the tools and welders will be charged as labour, so the more storage cages that are done at the same time will help reduce the total cost for all involved.

If you would like more information on storage cage locking call our locksmiths are happy to help and are available from Monday 10am to Fir 5pm all working weekdays. See the Storage Cage Video

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