Mailbox Security Locks

Why you need a Mailbox Security Lock

  • Are you at risk of identity theft?
  • Do you have a mailbox which is constantly unlocked or mail missing?
  • Do you just assume this will not happen to you?
It can and there is a big chance it will!
The Rose bay, Parramatta and  North Shore areas have already been targeted by this kind of fraud. Do you like the convenience of receiving your mail and letters at your home address?
Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself from these recent crime epidemic, let me explain how!
Mailbox Security Lock

Mailbox Security Lock

First of all it is wise to have your bills emailed to you instead of posted, items such as electricity, gas and even credit cards now have the option to be electronically emailed to you, which puts you at zero risk of having your some of your physical mail tampered with.
This is a sure proven way to dramatically reduce your risk of identity fraud through physical mail. You will still receive some letters and mail that contain personal information that can be used for identity fraud. So improving your mailbox lock and installing security mailbox locks will give you extra security to cover both angles and keep your private and confidential information safe.
You can arrange to have a PO box from your local Australia Post  store. This is another superior way to reduce your risk of mail theft, however it is costly ($280 per year) and inconvenient as you need to physically get to your PO box.
It can be costly in your time and money, and over the years it adds up  if you consider the cost of your time, petrol, and the actual cost of the PO box itself.
Save time and money with security mailbox locks 
The most cost-effective solution to this epidemic is to simply have  one of our locksmiths come to your home and install mailbox security lock. It is a well-known fact that some thieves are targeting mailboxes of unit blocks in the Inner city and Western city Suburbs.
People believe that their mailboxes are safe with an ordinary mailbox locks, but little do you know these mailboxes are an easily opened with a Master key or by lock picking. If you are in a block of units, then it is imperative to get a Security mailbox lock installed on your mailbox, our lock

Letterbox Security Locks

Our Security mailbox locks are more superior and do not have a master-key, lock picking is much harder and requires specialised locksmith tools and expertise, making our security mailbox locks much harder for criminal to break into.
Ideally CCTV would be surveying your mailboxes to deter would be thieves, and make successful arrests on mail fraudsters. That would be something to discuss with your Strata Board. Many of our clients do have CCTV to watch over the mailbox area and have captured criminals breaking into mailboxes, but sadly often there is little that can be done even without  the evidence in hand, preventing the criminals from opening your mailbox with a security mailbox lock is a much more effective way.
The smart resident or tenant who has a strata plan on their unit should inform the Strata of their concerns.  Bring up mailbox theft at your next Strata meeting, for your Strata to either step up security on the premises you are living in, Security signs and a group of nab ours that patrol and keep an eye out will help reduce mailbox theft, but physical security such as locks are necessary to  provide a standard level of security.
Standard mailbox locks can easily be opened by a master-key, opening one or one hinders mailboxes can be done in under a minute with a master-key. Lock picking is also very easy for standard mailbox locks, a small wire will jiggle most standard mailbox locks open.
Standard mailbox lock also have a key number on the front of the lock, this means that anyone can go to a locksmith or simply order a key to your mailbox online, without your knowledge or consent, and unlock your mailbox with a key and steal your mail or identity.
Security mailbox locks are not expensive, in fact they are around the same price as your existing locks. Many Strata companies have taken the opportunity to upgrade  mailbox locks to the new security mailbox locks and received a discount, which is then passed on to the owners. Installing one mailbox lock is more expensive than installing 20 or 100 at a time.
We have security mailbox locks supplied and installed from $33 inclusive of GST, this price is based the time needed to install the security mailbox locks.
Note* mailbox will need to be in working order, extra keys can be ordered before the mailbox security locks are installed. Extra keys are $11 ea inc GST, more keys can be duplicated at your local locksmith store or any good key cutter.
Letterbox Security Lock, Mailbox Security Locks

Letterbox Security Lock, Mailbox Security Locks

Mailbox Security locks 5 Reasons why you need one right now!

  • No Master Key
  • Much Harder to lock pick
  • Screw driver does not fit into lock – harder to force open
  • Much more convenient to be able to use your own mailbox
  • No key number on the front of the lock

This is a link to some newspaper articles and news reports for mailbox theft

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