Garage Roller Door Anchor

Garage Roller Door Anchor

Being a locksmith there is always a different door, different lock every day. The lock that we are looking at today is a Garage Roller Door Anchor.

This type of locking system is very popular on roller doors.The standard roller door locks are weak and offer little security and are the main cause of burgles on roller doors

The Garage Roller Door Anchor is sold in the Dr Lock lock shop under roller doors and you can purchase and install yourself or we can have our locksmiths installed for you.

On this particular example the current lock on this roller door was not a good enough to lock the door and also did not allow access to the people who needed to access it.

The roller door was using a small key that was hard to get cut and it is  much more convenient for the service people to use the master key.

If not you will need to issue a new key to them for this door.
This roller door is more commonly known as of roller shutter.

The door does roll the top and does work the same as roller door but it is fitted on the outside rather than inside as most common garage roller doors are.

Strong Chunky Roller door Locks

Garage Roller Door Anchor

Garage Roller Door Anchor

Although the door is built different to a roller door, the door works on the same principle including the locks be fitted.

The Garage Roller Door Anchor will secure the door in the exact same way as it would on a roller door with the same advantages

This Garage Roller Door Anchor is a big and bulky locking unit which shows would-be burglars that you have installed secure and chunky locking mechanism.

Often just the shape and size of the will scare off most would be burglars and cause them not to attack the lock.
The main reason for installing such a lock on a roller shutter like this is that the people who need access to this particular room need to access the room using a particular type of padlocked that they have the key for.

Using a Garage Roller Door Anchor is easy and full proof, you can easily see that door is locked and using a standard padlock it is easier to lock then normal roller door locks that require you to move the door up and down for the locking bars to pall into place.

Allowing your to use your current master key or security key and lock the roller door. This Garage Roller Door Anchor is also suited for commercial roller doors that use a main master key or security key for the whole building.

Without this Garage Roller Door Anchor you would have to use a separate key for just the roller door. Because you use your own padlock you have more key options.

Garage Roller Door Anchor locks

Garage Roller Door Anchor locks

Easy to Use and install Roller Door Security

Stopping the problem of people braking keys in the lock, its very common cause for a person using a roller door to put the key in the lock and roller the door up, this brakes the key in the lock and can cause problems.

This lock solves this problem.
Installation is done using a 6.5 mm masonry drill bit and using the fasteners that are provided in a pack. A sledgehammer is needed to secure the locking pins to the ground.

Also included is the bolts to install the top part to the door, 2 or 4 bolts can be installed and are included.
When the two parts meet then lift the flap and connect padlocks.
This garage roller door Anchor can be found on our website at this address

Garage Roller Door Anchor 

In conclusion if you live in the local Parramatta area and you would like one of our locksmiths to install this for you we can do that prices start from about $286 + padlocked

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