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Key machines for sale
With all new products are coming to the market it takes a little bit of time for people to find out they exist, also a little bit of time to compare the new products against the old products.
Key machines are no different from any other product that takes a little bit of time for them to be tested and used in a working key cutting environment before people rely on trust the machine and appreciate the base of money that they deliver.

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12 volt key machine dr lock

We have only limited numbers left of the small 12V key cutting machine that we are currently selling.
Some of the important factors about this key cutting machine are the quality of the machine which has tolerances in the same range as some of the well-known brands.
Reliable and durable this product is selling out quickly, most locksmiths have a 12v key cutting machine in the back of the vehicle.
One of the latest features that locksmiths don’t know is that the new machines are coming out with a wider carriage allowing you to hold larger keys, this is most important when duplicating car keys which have larger head shape remote on the top of the key.
Our new 12 V key cutting machine has the larger 110 mm carriage spacing.
Not only does this machine have a new layout it also has a buffing brush which is critical when cutting keys, there is nothing worse than having a key cut from a professional and being handed a key with a sharp and dangerous metal filing hanging off the key which then can be transferred to the customer’s hands.
All good key cutting professionals always cleans .Having a buffing wheel available in the back of vehicle requires extra machinery and extra cost as where this new 12 key machine the Dr Lock sells has included buffing wheel at the end of the machine.
Semi-automatic machines are extremely common with professional locksmiths and key cutters, it allows a key cutter to hold the cutter and a particular height and rotate the wheel to keep the desired level on the key, this is a brilliant factor when trying to duplicate a broken key.
This is just a small example of why this new 12v key cutting machine is superior to other key cutting machines on the market.
One large factor to mention is the price, as were other key machines are coming in well over $1200 or other key machines are coming in with no semi-automatic functions, this key machine ticks all the boxes.
You’re probably asking yourself whether or not you need a 12 V key machine or whether or not you need to 240 V mains power machine.
Keep in mind that if you purchase a 12 V key machine you can always purchase power supply and the 12v machine through mains power, but if you purchase a mains power key machine you cannot convert the machine down to 12 V easily or without spending thousands of dollars on inverters and dual batteries in your vehicle.
Easy to install and easy to use this key machine ticks all the boxes as far as usability reliability and precision key cutting.
These are some of the main reasons why Dr Lock has decided to be a supplier to this particular product.
You can find this product with other products in our key machine section of our lock shop, where you can purchase this key machine at the introductory price of $880 including GST and including postage to most metropolitan areas around Australia.
There has never been a better time to get involved with key cutting or set up the key cutting area your shop.
Don’t panic if you don’t know much about key cutting our locksmiths have provided good training videos to help you get started as well as an on-line key catalogue for easy key reordering and key selection.
When you compare the GL 320 L against a HPC speed X or the US007 the GL320L has more features is better priced and delivers reliable key cutting every time.


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