Just Google it “Locksmith”

Just Google it “Locksmith”

How to find the right Locksmith for me ? Just Google “Locksmith”.
Finding the right locksmiths in your location does not need to be a difficult task.
With so many lock officers – prices and people advertising local it is very easy for to customers to accidentally select a locksmith biased on price or advertised location over quality and service.
When you’re looking for a locksmith and you’re Locked out in the cold wanting a locksmith as soon as possible, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is where this locksmith is located at the time that you call.
Good Locksmith near meMany locksmiths are based in particular areas, and then often return home during the night time hours. After hours is when most of the emergency work is required.
If you find yourself locked out in the middle of the night and you’re looking for a locksmith, start by asking the locksmith where they are coming from.
This will give you a good idea on how long you will be waiting for that locksmith to arrive.
By simply putting the words into your Google or your smart phone “ closest locksmith to my location “ you will end up with a number of listings from locksmiths. Keep in mind very few are in that suburb they advertise for.

Locksmith ServiceWhere are you coming from ?

It’s not that the locksmith deliberately tried to deceive you about their location.
The truth is most locksmiths can not always be in the same location 24 hours a day and often are not in their locksmith shop working 24 hours a day. This is defiantly the case for mobile locksmith services around Sydney.

By asking the locksmith where they’re coming from you have a good indication of how far away the locksmith is to you.

Locksith googleCan you fix my type of lock ?

The next point that you should ask a locksmith when making an appointment is to ask if they have the services you require. You can always sms message a photo or email a photo to help you explain to the locksmith what it is you need.
If you require a “car unlock service “it’s important to ask the locksmith, if they provide this service for your type of car and the year it was made.With the increase of new computerised cars it’s very common for certain locksmiths to have some machines and certain cars tools but not all.
Machinery for opening car locks and producing car keys, are two different things and with the different amount of cars on the market is almost impossible for one locksmith to be able to accommodate for every make and model on the road.
This is why locksmiths often specialise in certain brands or certain services allowing them to offer quick and effective service with the tools they do have and that they are familiar with.

Sydney LocksmithCan I trust this Locksmith?

Third important factor when booking a locksmith is to use a reputable locksmith. Many locksmiths overseas have been caught using unqualified staff or using scam tactics to trick the customers.
Your rights as a consumer is to ask locksmith to show you their security licence before starting any work.
At Dr Lock all of our locksmiths carry security licence on them at all times and are happy to display the security licence to any of our customers when required.
What’s more Dr Lock has a master security licence and the number is listed on our website.

So when you are next in need of a locksmith, try to look for a locksmith that is reputable and qualified.
Don’t fall into the trap of simply doing a web search for “nearest locksmith to me “ and simply selecting the top listing for the first one you see.
Do some research and ask some questions. Just because they appear on the Google map does not mean they are down the street.
Some locksmiths come from one side Sydney to the other side of Sydney to do work giving you the impression that they are local because they have advertised on Google maps or in Google Adword giving you the impression that they are local when they are not.
A large number of locksmiths advertise on Google Adword and are generally small companies.

Some of these locksmith do not have a good reputation or quality of service in their own area and are forced to advertise on a wide scale across Sydney to find customers, that they can over charge and keep waiting longer then normal.
Good locksmith business don’t need to advertise much at all, reputation and word of mouth supply more then enough work to keep them going.

For this reason the locksmiths that advertise crazy cheap prices to attract customers are required to pay big dollars to get on the top of Google to get your attention.
Locksmiths SydneyDon’t be fooled by the cheap price, you will be the one paying for their expensive advertising, and hidden charges are common.
What’s worse is that you could end up with a locksmith that is unlicensed, not from the local area, or  refuses to accept any other method but a cash payment.

These are some tell-tale signs that the locksmith you have selected might not be a quality locksmith and is only interested in getting the money and getting going.

When you use a local locksmith should there be any problems it easy to local locksmith to return and sort the problems.
Other locksmiths which are located on the other side of town require more time and are less likely to warrant their work should you have any problems with their work.
Often those fly by night locksmiths are not on Google when you next try to find them.

What To Ask When You Book A Locksmith

  • In conclusion ask yourself dose the locksmith know what is talking about?
  • Is the locksmith close to me or are going to be waiting to 3 hours for a Locksmith service?
  • Is the locksmith reputable?
  • Is there any reviews for this locksmith that you can see ?
  • Have you heard any feedback from your local friends and family about this particular service?
  • Is the price reasonable compared with other locksmiths ?
  • And do they allow me to pay via eftpos ?
  • Do they simply only accept cash ?

By answering these questions you’ll be able to gauge what type locksmith you are employing and bringing into your home.
The points made above are just a rough outline of how to avoid getting a fly by night locksmith to do your locksmith work.
Locksmiths are in a position of trust because they provide and perform work on your security devices which keep you and your property safe. If you do not trust locksmith, from the start you can always ask them to leave and not go ahead with the job. You will be required to pay a service call.
When you do proceed with the job is important you feel safe with the locksmith and his work, their is nothing worse than having your locks changed only to get that gut feeling that you should get them done again after the locksmith is left.

“Think Dr Lock when you next need a Locksmith “
Locksmith In conclusion Dr Lock is a trusted name in the Locksmith industry and has been around for years.
We aim to provide a quality locksmith service at a reasonable price and aimed to make your security our highest priority.We try and deliver the best service at the standard price.

If we are not in your area we hope that the above information can help you make an informed decision when ordering your next locksmith.


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