Nissan Elgrand E51 Smart Key Remote & E52

Nissan Elgrand E51 Smart Key Made Cut & Programmed

Nissan Elgrand E52Smart Key Made Cut & Programmed

For Sydney Only

The battery number is CR2032 and you can buy these from your local shop, they are just a standard button type watch battery.

You can buy the remote and the key from our Lock Shop The image below shows the E51 remote, 3 or 4 buttons

Nissan Elgrand E51 key remote

Nissan Elgrand E51 key remote

The people who don’t know much about the Nissan Elgrand E51, the car or van is a luxury vehicle that has quite a lot of extras and some fancy functions. The vehicle is a grey import and was never delivered to Australia.

This is the same for the transponder system used in the vehicle, and the Smart-key proximity remote that are also used as a convenient access.

When you purchase a Nissan Elgrand it is very common to only get one Smart-key remote control, it is also recommended to have a duplicate key and remote-control made as soon as possible in case you lose your key.


Some information about the Nissan Elgrand E51 Smart Key.

*The Smart-key works with a proximity sensor, this means you only need to go near the vehicle and push the button on the driver-side door or any other door of the doors to lock and unlock.

*Once you are inside the vehicle you can simply rotate the ignition switch without needing to put a key into the ignition.

*The Smart-key has three or four buttons on the top of the remote. These buttons include the lock and unlock button as well as side door button.

*Some of the newer E 51 cars have four buttons which includes the additional right-hand side door button.

When you push the side door button, the door behind the driver’s side or the passenger-side door will open on slide back. If your side doors are not working check below your steering column and you will find a button to enable or disable this function.

Lock Shop Nissan Elgrand

Nissan Elgrand Buy Keys & Remotes

*Nissan E51 Key Battery

The Smart-key works when you push the button and a little red light will blink for one second. If you find that the red light does not think any more or that the light is very dim, this is an indication that it is time to replace the battery contained within your remote-control.

*We recommend replacing your batteries every three years, more or less depending on your usage of the remote

*Picking the door lock is a preferred way of opening the vehicle when the keys have been locked inside compared to standard car entry tools. The doors on the Nissan Elgrand are thick and don’t allow standard car entry tools easily. The Lishi Tool is best.

*The key blade used on this type of vehicle is an Nsn14, this is a Silca key plank reference.

*The transponder chip used on this type of vehicle is a 46 crypto transponder – carbon chip.

*Various transponder cloning tools will be able to claim the transponder chip. The CN 900 mini, the 468, and most likely the RW4 Silca with the sniffing function.

*Recycling of remote controls is possible, and you can save yourself a few dollars by buying a second-hand remote-control and having programmed.

*If you have a key and you need a duplicate copy it’s far cheaper and easier on producing a key, compared to when you do not have a key.

*To program a key into this car you will need to have the instrument cluster removed to access the BCM. At which point it can be decoded to find the login number to allow the diagnostics equipment to in-roll a new key into the vehicle. This is why cloning a 46 chip key is a cheaper option compared to enrolling the key diagnostically.

*For programming the Nissan E51 Elgrand, our locksmiths have found that the vehicle is listed under “Note 2006 “ even though the vehicle may have been made before 2006.

Nissen Elgrand E51The Nissan Elgrand E52 Info

Some more information about the Nissan Elgrand E52 – this vehicle uses a different key system and remote.

The Nissan E52 is programmed differently and requires a different machine; at this stage we have not had the chance to clone the keys and are able to tell you which method will work.

We have had the experience to programming a new remote-control and have found that he advanced diagnostic MVP does have a function for this type of vehicle to program in a new remote-control.

A lot of the older or cheaper diagnostic tools will not have the function.

Our locksmiths can help you produce a key if you do not have a key, the parts to do this will have to be ordered and there is a waiting period. Remote-control is programmed into a vehicle start from $444 when you bring the car to us. This service is only available at certain times when we have the staff and availability to do so.

*We need the vehicle to program the key

*we need the vehicle to clone the emergency key

**If you are not in Sydney we can not help you, speak with your local locksmith.

 Nissen Elgrand E52 key

Nissen Elgrand E52 key


*Dr Lock Locksmith Parramatta is a business, not a helpline. The information we have provided above is as much information as we can provide on this vehicle. And we hope it will help you understand about key system and also solve some of your key problems.

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