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Another week has passed at the Dr Lock office in Parramatta, and this week we have been looking into window locks on strata buildings. Since the new regulations are about to come in at the end of next year there are a large number of buildings which still do not have complying window locks.

The whole idea behind changing the regulations is to keep kids safe and prevent them from falling out of Windows.

It’s a great idea and a great that the council is insisting on all strata buildings comply with. If these window locks prevent any children from falling out the windows, it will be well be worth the effort and the money. Not to mention safer to kids when they visit the property or future tenants.

The program is called “kids don’t fly” and you can find more information about it on most council websites and also some other websites which are dedicated to the program. They will explain what you need to do to your Windows to make them comply with the new regulations.

Do your building window locks comply ?

Because of these changes to the new regulations our locksmiths have been busy studying and finding a variety of window locks to comply and are suitable for the types of Windows which are in the buildings that we service.

We found a number of windows which are quite easy to fit but most of all effective in restraining the window from opening any further than they should, to comply with these regulations.

A lot of people have already had locks on windows installed, perhaps key lockable window locks or other restricting devices which will comply with the regulations.

Regulations come into effect soon !

If you are yet to have locks installed on your town house or unit windows,the first thing is to do is to identify if they are required on your property.

You then might want to speak with your strata or building owner and ask them when they will be having them installed and if they are required.

It is important for everybody to get involved in a program like this for it to be effective to make sure that no other children get hurt.

Building Window Locks Installed

Building Window Locks Installed

Our locksmiths have been busy installing locks on windows this week, and also looking at other buildings which yet do not comply and providing free quotes and demonstrating window locks which our locksmiths can install.

If you do have a building in our service area around Parramatta our locksmiths will be happy to give you a quote on installing window locks to suit the needs of the building.

There are a number of different locks and window restricted as can be used to comply with the regulations.

There are also a variety of different types of Windows and it is important to use the right type of window lock, on the right type of window.

Prices range from $33 up to $110 per window Lock just depending on what type of window how many windows you have and how accessible your window is for our locksmiths to install a window lock on the window.

Window Locks Installed Sydney

Window Locks Installed Sydney

One point that should be made is that, access can often cost more than having the window locks installed,  we encourage you to spend time organising access to the Windows and to the units to reduce the overall cost of the work.

Installing window lock generally takes about 5 to 10 min per window for one of our locksmiths to install once they are set up and are doing multiple windows at the same time.

When our locksmiths are installing multiple window locks at the same time often reduces the cost per window lock and the overall cost to the strata or the building owner is reduced.

window locks Strata

Window locks Strata Buildings Sydney

So now that the new regulations are about to come in, is important to have a look and check your Windows and window locks to see if they comply.

Once the window locks are installed by Dr Lock we will then provide you a certificate stating that the window locks complied to the new regulations which you can then forward on to the appropriate agencies.

Once a year and a locksmith will provide an inspection on all the window locks to ensure that the window locks have not been be removed by the tenants or owners, and also to ensure that the window is still comply. This is an additional cost but is worth doing.

There is a waiting period to have window locks installed because of the volume of window locks which need to be installed at the moment.

Planning ahead and organising a quote for your next general meeting is advised so that when the time comes to have these window locks installed you can then book a time and have them installed before the regulations start in 2018.

Window lock laws

Window lock laws

For more information please go to your local Council’s website or look at the kids don’t fly website which will explain the type of Windows most people have what type of window restricted as are approved and which ones are not and also how far the window is allowed to open.

For more information on window locks or to have your building quoted or locks installed, feel free to call Dr Lock locksmith between Monday to Friday we have a large amount of window locks that we are installing at the moment and are always willing to give you a free quote on this service.

DIY ..   If you feel you would like to buy the locks and install yourself, you can buy them from our Locksmith Shop. You will only get a certificate of compliance if our Locksmith install the window locks.

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